Comprehensive Paralegal Program

Contact Hours: 144

Course Description:

Paralegals can assist lawyers in the delivery of many basic services. A paralegal`s general knowledge about the American Legal System and specific knowledge about civil and criminal law can enhance a paralegal`s value in the workplace. This six course bundle of courses will set you up on the right career track. Instructor interaction and 24/7 access to on-line testing materials.

Individual Course Descriptions:

  • Introduction to Law
  • Contract Law
  • Business Organizations and the Law
  • Property, Regulation and Commercial Paper
  • Ethics and the Law
  • Legal Research and Writing

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course students will have:

Introduction to Law

  • learned about the difference between civil and criminal law;
  • studied the procedures used in the operation of the American legal system;
  • examined a diverse range of legal topics, including cyberlaw, insurance, international law and will, trusts and estates;
  • enhanced study skills through the use of open-book quizzes;
  • developed an understanding about how this form of distance education works;
  • explored torts, which involves personal injury law and insurance law;
  • started the process of learning about the law through individual study.

Contract Law

  • Know what is necessary to create a valid legal contract;
  • Understand how issues regarding any of the elements of a contract can render it voidable;
  • Recognize when third parties receive rights out of such a contract;
  • See the effects of when a contract is completed, or breached; and
  • Discover that different rules apply to sales and lease contracts so that business can move quickly and efficiently

Business Organizations and the Law

  • Learned about the different types of business entities;
  • Determined which business entity works best in what kinds of situations;
  • Seen how to create such business entities;
  • Discover the varied formats of an principle-agent relationship; and
  • Study what federal laws apply to employment situations

Property, Regulation and Commercial Paper

  • Discovered the different forms of property and its ownership;
  • See the role that bailments play in our society;
  • Understand how regulation strikes a balance between creating responses to and taking into account business activity;
  • Examine what constitutes a negotiable instrument; and
  • Follow the process involved in the transfer of negotiable instruments

Ethics and the Law

  • Discovered the ethical considerations involved with legal activity;
  • Seen that lawyers` obligations include representing the client zealously, keeping discussions confidential, and maintain accurate      records for clients` funds;
  • Discover what is involved in being able to practice the law; and
  • See what limitations exist on lawyer advertising and solicitation

Legal Research and Writing

  • Prepare a legal memorandum;
  • Prepare a Legal Case Brief;
  • Write Legal Correspondence;
  • Prepare legal pleadings (including motions, complaints, answers, appeals, etc.)

Course Outline (Click Here)


Students will complete open-book multiple choice exams on each chapter of material in the course (where the course consists of 12 chapters of material).Completion of each chapter is based on achieving a score of 70% or more on tests provided. Students may query the instructor up to three times, via e-mail, regarding course content.

Delivery Mode: Online

Cost: US$1,200.00

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