The City and Guilds Diploma in Teaching and Training course that I and other members of the training team did was practical and informative.  The programme is short but of good quality. The delivery method was good; the lecturers were experienced and knew their subject matter.  The flexibility of the institution allowed us to be trained on-site.  The international certification is attractive and we recommend it to other training entities.”
Rupert Kinlock
(Learning and Development/Network Systems Training Manager – Lime)

“I have benefited from various aspects of the Diploma in Teaching and Training done by CAPTECH. I write better training objectives and assess in keeping with these objectives. I am also more vigilant with record keeping. ”
Danalee Bennett
(IT Training Manager – LIME)

“Anybody in Adjunct teaching who has no formal training in teaching must do the Diploma in Teaching and Training delivered by the Caribbean Polytechnic Institute. I was employed as an adjunct lecturer at another institution for a year with no formal teacher certification. it did not take me long to realise after I started this programme how much my students would have benefited if I had done the course before I got them to teaching.  The course content is very detailed and at a very high level. It is a quick and practical way of getting expert training in the field. ”
Rose Marie Hinds-Edwards
(Training Officer – Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd.)

“The training was refreshing for me as a manager, the interaction with other participants from the related sectors from various industrious as well as the different presenters for the various topics provided variety and stirred my interest. I have since sent numerous administrators, maintenance, supervisors and managers to different courses and have seen positive performance improvements.  I am a stickler for quality and the institute delivers quality everytime.  These people are creative and innovative and I want to see the institute grow.  They have so much potential.”

Godfrey Boyd
(Parish Manager – Kingston and St. Andrew Health Services, South East Regional Heal Authority)

“I benefited a lot from the training that I did and was able to return to work and impart what I learned the very next day after the training.  The persons who delivered are practioners in the field with vast experience and knowledge and excellent presentation skills.  The other members of my team who subsequently attended the same programme have expressed similar sentiments and I have seen the evidence in their performance. Both the Health and Safety course and the Environmental Management Systems course at CAPTECH will provide a good return on your investment”
Aldain Stennett
(Environmental Health and Safety Manager – JPSCo)

“The City and Guilds Diploma in Teaching and Training.  The programme is current and forward thinking.  I definitely am applying the skills learned in my sector.  Competency based training is the way to go.”

Susan Millwood
( Hotel Manager, Royal Plantation)

“I have done four different programmes, Food Safety, Environmental Management, Integrated Pest Management and the Diploma in Teaching and Training. The programmes are quite practical and relevant and has served to improve my functional expertise as a Quality Assurance manager at Kraft Foods. The instructors are excellent, they seem to attract the best in the field, and the atmosphere is also warm and friendly. I have recommended the institution before and will continue to recommend them.”
Ereca Peart
(Quality Assurance Manager – Seprod Ltd.)

“Both the City and Guilds Diploma in Teaching and Training course and the Event Planning courses that I did were beneficial.  Contents were good and teachers and students brought their own experiences.  We all learned from each other. 

Dawn Bryan
(Training Officer - National Water Commission)

“We always get good feedback from our staff who do courses at the Caribbean Polytechnic Institute, especially the technical team. They get a wealthof information that is applicable to their job. The school has interesting courses that are different from the competition; we will definitely continue to engage the school to help develop our staff.
Yanique Brighton
(Human Resource Officer, Digicel)

“My group of staff did the Building Maintenance course followed by the Contract Administration curse at CAPTECH.  We need people with diverse skills and the training given to the team was a means of cross training them.  It was very effective.  Each set that went came back more enlightened and more equipped to work in other areas outside of their specialist area of training.  The project they get for their assessment relate to what they do so although the course is short the practical assignment that they got was good for their development and good for the company”
Howard McLennon 
(Acting Head of Building Services, Cable and Wireless Jamaica)
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