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The hospitality industry continues to grow each year, creating a demand for skilled managers. Most hospitality programs are long-term and expensive. This is due to the wide range of subject material, much of which is never applied in the real world. Thus, too many hospitality managers go without any formal training and often find themselves overwhelmed on the job. This is due to the wide range of subject material, much of which is never applied in the real world.

The hospitality programmes that are being offered here are practical and effective, concentrating solely on the vocational job areas. they are simplified and easy to comprehend, you will not waste time learning useless information and you will be prepared to handle the physical, emotional and mental demands of the job.

Delivery mode

Most of our programmes are delivered in an online self-paced format. However, a few courses are delivered via face-to-face or blended learning. In keeping with specific demands some courses may be tailored to be delivered via f2f or blended modes incorporating the most relevant tools and technology.

Managing a bar or restaurant can be an overwhelming experience. The physical, emotional and mental demands are extreme. This class will teach you simple ways to handle difficult situations with unhappy customers and employees, the duties of each employee, and key factors which are vital to a successful business.    (View more)

Food and Beverage Management

Learn a systematic approach to evaluating meeting objectives and group needs as they relate to menu design, pricing structures, guarantee strategies, negotiation items and overall information about food and beverage services. Each Lesson includes an online review as well as application activities. These activities will ask you to complete independent research and application, consider various ideas, or discuss and share insights with friends or family. There is a final comprehensive exam.       (View more)

Food Safety and Compliance
- Food Safety Principles and Practices(NCTVET/SAL) - Food Allergen Awareness (NCTVET/SAL)
- Urban Integrated Pest Management (NCTVET/SAL)
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